Our Centres

Rosie Lim, Director, Special Projects “We look forward to the day when All Saints Home can spread our wings beyond residential and respite care to home-based care where we can provide our clients with a complete range of care services in the comfort of their homes. This delays institutionalisation and frees up hospital beds for acute-care patients.”

A Peek into the
Four Homes

Did you know?

All Saints Home is one of the few nursing homes in Singapore with our own in-house doctor to look after the well-being of residents.

From our four Centres located in different parts of Singapore, we provide comprehensive and professional care services that are extended to elderly of all backgrounds. Our services include:
  • Residential Care

    where our care plan for each resident is individualised and reviewed periodically according to his or her latest condition and needs. Customised physiotherapy, occupational therapy, continence management and other healthcare activities are carried out daily according to the resident’s dependency status. A variety of recreational programmes are also carried out to promote social interaction amongst residents.

  • Respite Care

    where we provide short-term respite to families and caregivers. Such respite care enables them to have a short break, with peace of mind that their loved ones are being cared for safely and professionally.

  • Day Care

    where we help our day clients to maximise independence, enhance function, adapt and develop skills, and minimise the need for support. Their caregivers are also given support and training.

  • Home Care

    which will be rolled out soon to provide clients with a complete range of home-based care services in the comfort of their homes.

Each of our four Centres has its unique ambience, and offers distinct facilities and services, beyond residential, respite and day care.

Hougang Centre

Started in 1986, All Saints Home (Hougang) is our very first Centre. Although the home has expanded its capacity and facilities over the years, it remains a homely environment filled with a friendly kampong spirit. Residents socialise with one another by participating in regular Karaoke Sessions. In addition, our unique Table Tennis Therapy allows residents to pick up positive energy and learn from the disabled during the game.

Key Facts:
  • 155 beds
  • Our very first Centre which started in 1986
  • Friendly kampong
  • Table tennis therapy
  • Karaoke sessions
  • Bi-weekly befriending programme conducted by All Saints Home’s Volunteers Group


Tampines Centre

All Saints Home (Tampines) is our largest nursing home in terms of capacity and range of services. It houses our Senior Care Centre, which provides integrated eldercare services to holistically meet clients’ needs. They include:

  • Maintenance Day Care to provide supportive Centre-based environment for frail and/or physically disabled elder to be cared for by maintaining and /or improving their general, physical and social well-being including support and respite to their family/caregivers. Provides recreation programmes to engage the clients in meaningful activities and achieve the objective of optimising their quality of life and well-being.
  • Dementia Day Care to delay the physical and mental deterioration of the clients with dementia and avoiding premature institutionalisation.
  • Day Rehabilitation to improve the individual’s functional status to the maximum level medically possible and enable them to remain active in the community.
  • Centre-Based Nursing Care to provide basic nursing and personal care for clients including change of dressings and tubes when required.

Key Facts:
  • 202 beds
  • Maintenance day care
  • Dementia day care
  • Community rehabilitation
  • Centre-based nursing care
  • Therapeutic outdoor garden
  • Weekly befriending programme conducted by All Saints Home’s Volunteers Group


Yishun Centre

All Saints Home (Yishun) opened its door to the first resident on 23 March 2015, and extended our reach to the northern part of Singapore. The home has a Community Rehabilitation Programme that offers individually tailored physiotherapy and occupational therapy for day clients.

The home reignites the kampong spirit with its community-based activities. To bring rural life into Yishun and promote interaction, residents and volunteers are encouraged to grow and harvest their favourite flowers, herbs and fruits at our Community Garden. Seniors in the neighbourhood are welcome to visit our home, exercise and enjoy a hearty bowl of nutritious soup prepared by our a community-based Share-a-Pot project.

Key Facts:
  • 183 beds
  • Maintenance Day Care
  • Community rehabilitation
  • Community garden
  • Soup kitchen


Jurong East Centre

All Saints Home (Jurong East), which commenced operations in September 2015, is our newest nursing home.

All Saints Home (Jurong East) has a dedicated 49-bedded Dementia Care Ward to care for residents suffering from dementia. The ward also has a Reminiscent Walkway which houses a “mailbox” and a “bus stop” to reignite fond memories of the residents.

Key Facts:
  • 194 beds
  • Dementia care ward
  • Reminiscent Walkway