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Leviticus 19:32 “Stand up in the presence of the aged,
show respect for the elderly and revere your God…”

All Saints Home is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) that provides comprehensive and professional eldercare services to the aged of all backgrounds. We are firmly anchored on our mission to provide quality care, bring joy and comfort, and honour the dignity of residents in a caring Christian environment. Over the past 30 years, we have built a reputation for our commitment to deliver the highest standards of professional eldercare - with love, sincerity and purity. By God’s grace, we will continue to do so, and extend our reach to positively impact the lives of those in need. In everything that we do, there is only one aim - to be a shining testimony of God’s great love and compassion in eldercare.

History and Founder

Brief History of the Establishment of All Saints Home

In 1981 Bethel Presbyterian Church established a preaching station at the Chapel. It grew to become a separate congregation in 1990, and subsequently an independent church in 1995. It was given permission to temporary use the Chapel for Sunday Services.

All Saints Memorial Chapel has significantly contributed to community social welfare. The ancillary hall was converted into a 30-bed nursing home called All Saints Home in 1986 to serve the old and sick. It was well received by the public and by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

In 1999, MOH proposed that we build a modern 179-bed Nursing Home at Tampines Street 44 to replace the Home in Hougang. The building and equipment cost amount to $9.9 million. The new Home at Tampines was officially opened by the Minister For National Development, Mr. Mah Bow Tan on November 4, 2001.

On January 20, 2000, we submitted an application to the URA to build five blocks of 2-storey columbarium on the site of the old Home at Hougang. This was turned down by the URA on the grounds that the site had been rezoned as a place of worship in 1998. Subsequent appeals were all unsuccessful.

Consequently, we decided to submit plans to rebuild the Hougang Home. Praise God, in September 10, 2001 and January 15, 2002, MOH and URA approved the plans. All Saints Home (Hougang) was completed in July 2004. The 3-storey Nursing Home has 144 beds. The Basement includes a Memorial Hall with four chambers totalling 9050 niches. The building and equipment cost amount to $7.5 million. It is a double blessing that the Home and the Columbarium extension could be built together to serve the public. President S R Nathan unveiled the memorial plaque on the March 11, 2005.

For more details, please refer to http://www.asmc.org.sg/asmc_history.html

Reverend Lee Huai Kwang (7.4.1918 – 25.11.2005)

Rev. Lee Huai Kwang was born of a poor family in Jin Sha Village, near Shantou, in southern China. He became a preacher at Zion Church in Shantou after graduating from Barbour College in 1938. He married Miss Chan Cheng Leong in 1939 and came to Singapore with his family in 1947. He was first assigned by the Presbyterian Synod to serve as preacher at Holy Light Church in Johore Bahru. In 1950 he became the preacher at Bethel Presbyterian Church in Singapore. He was ordained in 1971 and retired as Senior Minister in 1991. However, he continued to serve Bethel and beyond until he was called home to eternal rest.

In 1951 God provided the opportunity for Rev. Lee to be principal of Min Sin School and still serve in the Church. At the time Bethel was unable to support its preacher. In 1973 Rev. Lee gave up the principal position in Min Sin School to concentrate fully in church work.

During his 55 years of service at Bethel, 23 years in a honorary capacity, the church grew from a Teochew congregation with less than 20 families to its present three congregations worshipping also in Mandarin and English. Rev. Lee valued Christian discipleship. In those days when Christian teach materials were scarce, he wrote and compiled teaching materials to benefit Bethel members. These were published in 8 volumes. He was caring and dedicated to church members and was well loved by them.

Rev. Lee played a pivotal role in turning around the fledgling Li Sun High School (set up in 1965 by the Synod) into the present-day Presbyterian High School. In 1976, against all odds, he founded All Saints Memorial Chapel (ASMC) with support from Bethel and some other churches, pioneering the practice of Christian cremation in Singapore. In 1987 he founded All Saints Home at Poh Huat Road in response to the increasing need to help the aged sick. A new Home in Tampines in 2001, with subsidy from the Ministry of Health, and the redevelopment of the Poh Huat Road Home in 2005, affirmed his foresight.

In his years of service to God, Rev. Lee demonstrated vision, compassion and determination in leading Bethel and in responding to the changing needs of Singapore’s Christian community and beyond. He displayed an indefatigable spirit, tenacity and an ability to inspire, persuade and generate support for his ideas and to raise the necessary funds. This enabled him to achieve significantly in his calling as pastor as well as in his social and community service. In 2002 he was awarded the Public Service Star (BBM) by the Singapore Government in recognition of his contributions to society.

Praise be to God. Amen.
Easter 2009

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To be a shining testimony of God's great love and compassion in eldercare

We provide quality care, bring joy and comfort, and honour the dignity of residents in a caring Christian environment.

Corporate Profile

All Saints Home was founded in 1986 by the late Reverend Lee Huai Kwang, who saw a growing need for nursing care in Singapore. Eager to help the elderly, Reverend Lee established a 30-bed home at Poh Huat Road. Since then, All Saints Home has grown steadily with capacity expansion and new facilities. Today, with four homes strategically located in different parts of Singapore, and a total bed capacity of 734 beds, we provide comprehensive and professional care services that are extended to elderly of all backgrounds.

Our services include residential, respite and day care, with care plans that are customised to meet the needs of each resident or client. We will soon include home-based care to provide clients with a complete range of care services in the comfort of their homes.

Message from Chairman

Warmest greetings from All Saints Home

In response to the growing need for nursing care among the elderly in Singapore, All Saints Home was established in 1986 by All Saints Memorial Chapel (ASMC) with the support from Bethel Presbyterian Church, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Telok Ayer Methodist Church and Presbyterian Synod in Singapore. Building on the aspirations of these founding members, All Saints Home anchored its vision to be a shining testimony of God’s great love and compassion in eldercare, with the mission to provide quality care, bring joy and comfort, and honour the dignity of our residents in a caring Christian environment.

All Saints Home has come a long way from our humble beginning of 30 beds at Poh Huat Road in 1986; and grew to the current capacity of 734 beds across four centres in Hougang, Jurong East, Tampines and Yishun. Beyond offering core services of residental nursing and respite care across all the four centres, Tampines and Yishun Centres also provide day rehabilitation care services for some 270 non-residential clients. Our Jurong East Centre has a dedicated dementia care unit that provides specialized care for our residents with dementia.

By God’s grace, with the strong and generous support from our sponsors through fundraising events in 2017 – Charity Golf, Flag Day, Thanksgiving Dinner, participation in OCBC Cycle, and the contributions from the President Challenge 2017, we were able to use the funds raised to enhance the infrastructure, facilities and equipment to provide better quality care to our residents and clients.

All Saints Home would not have been where we are today without the continuous support and contribution from our valuable partners and stakeholders for the past 31 years. We are thankful and grateful to all our founding churches, donors, sponsors, volunteers, community partners, churches and ASMC chaplaincy team. Your compassion and passion in caring, giving and sharing have enriched the lives of our residents and clients.

My appreciation also goes to the CEO, Mr Michael Tay, the Management Team and staff, especially our care staff - “Angels in Blue”. Your passion and dedication in caring for our elderly residents and clients goes above and beyond your call of duty and have touched the hearts of many.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Elder Chua Hung Seng who, after serving as Chairman of All Saints Home for eight years, retired in 2017. We have benefited much from his leadership and valuable contributions, especially in the setting up of Yishun and Jurong East Centres. I would also like to thank Mr Tan Chee Meng who retired after seven years of service on the Board, and for his contribution as the Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee for the “Love from the Stars Charity Gala” in 2015 and the Home’s 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner in 2016.

With one in four Singaporeans being 65 years old and above by 2030, All Saints Home is prepared to do more to contribute to caring for our elderly. In the coming years, All Saints Home is looking to expand the day care services to the rest of our centres. We will further leverage on a range of therapies while concurrently explore new programs and technology to enhance our care services to improve the biopsychosocial wellbeing of our residents and clients. We are committed to doing our utmost to serve our residents and clients with love, joy and care, regardless of race, religion and social economic status.

As part of community relations, we will partner with preschool centres to launch intergenerational programs to promote interactions and bonding between the young and old in the society. We will organise activities whereby the residents, their next-of-kin, volunteers and other stakeholders can come together to promote the spirit of caring, sharing to build an inclusive community and exemplify God’s love and compassion.

Thank you and God Bless!

Mr Ng Keok Boon

Message from CEO


2017 had been a blessed and meaningful year for All Saints Home. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our generous donors and sponsors for their support over the past year.

I would also like to thank all the hardworking and dedicated staff at All Saints Home for their tireless efforts in ensuring that the day-to-day operations continue to run smoothly. To all our passionate volunteers, you have continued to touch the lives of our residents. With God’s grace, let us all look forward to another meaningful year ahead.


All Saints Home, as a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) nursing home with 734 beds, will increasingly play our humble but increasingly important and relevant role in Singapore’s healthcare sector as the nation’s population ages. While continuing to provide quality and affordable care services, it is important to engage our elderly residents and clients in active ageing.

The theme for our Annual Report 2017, “Building An Inclusive Community”, reflects our goal to involve all our partners in co-creating a caring and inclusive environment for our elderly. In the year ahead, we have targeted 3 key partners in our efforts to create an inclusive community for our residents and clients – our donors and sponsors, our volunteers, and our staff.


All Saints Home was blessed in 2017 to have received support from many of our donors and sponsors, especially towards our fundraising events like Charity Golf and Thanksgiving Dinner. We have had generous donations of food and drinks on many occasions, such as the Lunar New Year, Mooncake Festival and Christmas, allowing our staff and residents to celebrate and enjoy the festive seasons. Sponsorships of excursions to the Singapore Zoo and other places of interest in Singapore also allowed our elderly residents and staff a chance to mingle in our community.

The generosity of our donors and sponsors created many opportunities for All Saints Home to include and involve our ageing residents in community activities that they would otherwise be unable to participate in. Our plans for 2018 will create opportunities for our kind donors and sponsors to be more actively involved by taking part in more events involving our residents and clients. One such event planned is a Fun Walk near the Marina Barrage. We certainly look forward to the interaction between our sponsors and our residents and clients.


Our dedicated and faithful volunteers had contributed to many activities in and outside All Saints Home. Organized throughout the year with regularity, some of these activities and events are highlighted in this Annual Report. Our volunteers’ regular visits provided companionship and friendship bringing comfort and joy to our residents. Many of our volunteers also participate in our fundraising events to help us collect donations. For instance, despite Flag Day falling on a Saturday in 2017, over 400 volunteers, new and old, turned up to help All Saints Home collect donations across many locations in Singapore.

We are confident that, in the coming year, our volunteers will continue to make a difference in the lives of our residents. We plan to engage our volunteers more meaningfully to be at the forefront of creating an inclusive community for our elderly residents and clients. Plans will be in place to do this pro-actively with the volunteers by training and involving them in therapeutic activities for our residents and clients.


Last, but not least, one of the key components of building our strong and inclusive community in All Saints Home is our care staff. Our care staff, the “Heart of our Home”, are the direct caregivers to all our residents. To many of our residents, some having no kin left, our care staff have become their family. This feeling is reciprocated by our care staff, many of whom have left behind their loved ones in their home countries to join the All Saints Home family.

Although their jobs are demanding, our care staff work tirelessly to ensure the highest standards of care for our chronically-ill and elderly residents, often going above and beyond in their duties to bring a smile to our residents’ and clients’ faces. In building an inclusive community, All Saints Home’s strategies, plans and policies involve and include our residents and clients, our volunteers, our care staff and increasingly our donors and sponsors. Last year, 50 of our staff together with volunteers joined the OCBC Cycle under an All Saints Home banner, cycling together to raise funds through donations and pledges for the Home.


Our goal for 2017 – Collaborate for Positive Outcomes, brought together the diligent and faithful works of our care and support staff and volunteers to create an environment that has brought All Saints Home to greater heights. In 2018, our goal is to “Move beyond Standards - towards Quality and Values”. We will organize more activities to provide opportunities for our staff, volunteers and even donors and sponsors to interact with residents and clients, with their loved ones, and the community outside All Saints Home.

We are confident that with the support of kind donors, passionate volunteers, and dedicated staff, the All Saints Home family will continue to provide quality care, bring joy and comfort, and honour the dignity of all our residents and clients in a caring Christian environment.

God Bless!

Michael Tay
Chief Executive Officer


Board of Directors

  • Ng Keok Boon
  • Richard Tan Chuan Lye
  • Loh Li Cheng
    Honorary Secretary
  • Tan Hua Joo
    Honorary Treasurer
  • Pauline Ang Hooi Yeong
    Vice-Honorary Treasurer
  • Rev Wong Shyun Jye
    Board Director
  • Lim Kim Choon
    Board Director
  • Chua Lip Wei
    Board Director
  • Lee Shee Koeng
    Board Director
  • Dr Yeap Eng Hooi
    Board Director

Management Team

  1. Michael Tay Shen Chin Chief Executive Officer
  2. Ko Hui Yun Chief Operating Officer
  3. Tan Lai Suan Director, Nursing
  4. Dr Lee Yun Director, Medical
  5. Richard Quah Boon Hock Director, Fundraising
  6. Rev Daniel Teh Seng Ping Chaplain
  7. Chan Foong Yee Head, Human Resource
  8. Shruthi John Head, Rehabilitation
  9. John Lim Chee Beng Head, Facilities & Logistics
    Head, Centre Operations
  10. Kan Mei Yan Head, Finance
  11. Alaris Wong Meiwen Head, Corporate Affairs & Administration
  12. Tiffany Ng Head, Procurement
  13. Pak Chee Meng Head, Silver Lifestyle Club
    Medical Social Worker
  14. Kathryn Ng Siow Lang Head, Risk Control and Compliance
    Head, Community Relations
  15. Joseph Zhang Head, Information Technology

Corporate Milestones

    • Official Opening Ceremony of All Saints Home Jurong East, 20 May 2016

    • All Saints Home Yishun - Maintenance Day Care, 1 Dec 2015

    • All Saints Home Yishun - Day Rehabilitation, 23 Oct 2015

    • All Saints Home Jurong East Began Operation, 15 Sep 2015.

      All Saints Home Jurong East Projected Official Opening, 20 May 2016

    • All Saints Home Yishun Began Operation, 23 Mar 2015.

      All Saints Home Yishun Official Opening, 7 Nov 2015

    • Awarded government tender to operate two new Nursing Homes in Yishun and Jurong East

    • Official Opening Ceremony of All Saints Home Hougang

    • Group photo at All Saints Home Hougang Opening

    • Speech by Reverend Lee During Hougang’s Groundbreaking Ceremony

    • Rebuilding of All Saints Home Hougang

    • Official Opening Ceremony of All Saints Home Tampines

    • Plaque commemorating the opening of All Saints Home Tampines

    • Prayer of Blessing for All Saints Home Tampines Groundbreaking

    • 180-bedded Nursing Home Groundbreaking Ceremony at Tampines Street 44

    • 0.4 hectare of land at Tampines Street 44 was offered by the government to build a nursing home

    • Reverend Lee Huai Kwang founded 30-bedded Nursing Home in Poh Huat Road